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Cemetery Committee

The South Russell Village Cemetery is a municipally maintained cemetery. The hours of the cemetery are from 8am until dusk.

Full and cremation lots are available. No full grave space may contain more than two cremated remains, one cremated remains and one vault or one infant casket not to exceed 24” in length and one full burial. No cremation lot may contain more than two cremated remains.

The scattering garden is a place where loved ones can scatter cremated remains amongst a collection of trees, plants and flowers. The cemetery personnel maintains the garden for the benefit of all families and cemetery visitors.

During the scattering ceremony, the cremation ashes are poured evenly on loose soil and raked into the ground from the cremation urn. At the conclusion of the ceremony, Village personnel will make sure that adequate soil is placed over the spot.

The pavers in the middle of the scattering garden act as a memorialization and are made available whether or not the individual is scattered in the garden. Each paver will only list one name, date of birth and date of death.

For more information please contact a committee member at cemetery@southrussell.com or visit us here.