NOPEC Announcement

NOPEC Natural Gas “OPT OUT” Anniversary Mailer is coming!

As you may or may not be aware, NOPEC is required by the Public Utility Commission of Ohio (PUCO) to send out “OPT-OUT”  letters to all our natural gas customers every two years. Read more

Swearing in Ceremony

Mayor 1      Kostura 1

Canton 1      Nairn

Congratulations to Mayor William Koons and Councilmembers Bryan Kostura, Gerald Canton and Cynthia Nairn! Read more

Geauga Farmers Market

farmers market

Geauga Fresh Farmers’ Market

9:00-Noon, Saturdays until October 15th

The Geauga Fresh Farmers’ Market will be open 9-Noon in the parking lot of the South Russell Village Hall, the corner of Chillicothe/Rt. 306 and Bell St. every Saturday, rain or shine, until October.

Read more

Leaf Collection Service Not Provided in the Village

The Village of South Russell does not offer curbside leaf collection service. If you see leaves at the street in your neighborhood, they were most likely put there by a privately hired landscaping company that will be back to pick them up.​ Leaves brought to the roadside by residents or landscapers must remain on tree lawns and off the roadway. Residents should make sure that leaves are cleared of and not blocking storm drains, driveway culvert pipes and ditches that could cause backups and minor flooding issues during heavy rains.

Meeting Minutes from 2-17-2015

Instructions for General Meeting Minutes. Add some text.
This template was developed by the Re-Accreditation Preparation (QI) Project Team to enhance local health department effectiveness and consistency in documenting meetings. This will serve to assist in evidence collection during preparations for initial and re-accreditation.
How do I use this template?
When transcribing by hand or recorder, use this template as a checklist or guide to ensure accreditation reporting standards are met.
Transfer handwritten or recorded minutes to this template in order to ensure compliance.
Follow the prompts provided in the shaded fields (i.e. click once in shaded field to type required information.)
This template is intended to be flexible and can be altered to fit the needs of the agency. At the very least, the following items should be included:
Agency Title
Meeting Group
Date and Time
Members Present and Absent
Who recorded the minutes Read more