Meeting Minutes from 2-17-2015

Instructions for General Meeting Minutes. Add some text.
This template was developed by the Re-Accreditation Preparation (QI) Project Team to enhance local health department effectiveness and consistency in documenting meetings. This will serve to assist in evidence collection during preparations for initial and re-accreditation.
How do I use this template?
When transcribing by hand or recorder, use this template as a checklist or guide to ensure accreditation reporting standards are met.
Transfer handwritten or recorded minutes to this template in order to ensure compliance.
Follow the prompts provided in the shaded fields (i.e. click once in shaded field to type required information.)
This template is intended to be flexible and can be altered to fit the needs of the agency. At the very least, the following items should be included:
Agency Title
Meeting Group
Date and Time
Members Present and Absent
Who recorded the minutes Read more