Swearing in Ceremony

Mayor 1      Kostura 1

Canton 1      Nairn

Congratulations to Mayor William Koons and Councilmembers Bryan Kostura, Gerald Canton and Cynthia Nairn! Mayor Koons, Kostura and Canton were sworn in Monday, January 11th to serve four year terms.

Mayor Koons was first elected to Council in 2006 and resigned from his seat while serving his third term, since he was elected Village Mayor. Bryan Kostura was appointed to Council in 2013 and is serving his first elected term. Gerald Canton is newly elected to Council.

At the January 25th meeting, Cynthia Nairn was appointed to fill Mayor Koons vacant Council seat. The term expires December 31, 2017. Nairn has served on the Cemetery Committee since 2008 and was an intricate part of the construction process.

We look forward to working with everyone!