The Village of South Russell operates on a day-to-day bases governed by the rules and regulations from both the “Codified Ordinances of South Russell Ohio” and the State of Ohio “Ohio Revised Code”.

This section has a few of the Village Ordinances that are the most common, most requested and most used. As new ordinances are passed or revised, they may be added to this section. This is not a complete list and should only be used as a guideline to acquire additional information.

For a complete reading of a particular ordinance, it is suggested that you contact or visit one of the village departments (Administration, Building, Streets or Police) and review the complete section requested in the hardbound copy of the Codified Ordinances.

Below is the NEW link to the South Russell Codified Ordinances
now posted on-line.

Codified Ordinances of
South Russell Village, Ohio
Link: Codified Ordinances

Bookmark the page opened and use the “Start Here” each time so you can review any new updates and changes to the ordinances as they are made.