The South Russell Police Department established our bike patrol program in 2008. This program benefits our community in three important ways; by supplementing our traditional patrol strategies, enhancing relationships with our residents and educating children on bicycle safety.

As a patrol strategy, bike patrol increases officer visibility in our community even as it slows down patrol speeds and allows officers to see and hear things that they otherwise might not. Bike patrol also fosters and strengthens relationships between our officers and residents by making our officers more approachable and accessible in our residential and business areas. In addition to patrolling the community, our bike patrol officers also participate in many community bicycle safety education programs such as bike rodeos, school assemblies, helmet fitting events and a program that rewards children with a “citation” if they are seen wearing their helmets while riding their bikes.  These citations reinforce the important practice of wearing a helmet while riding by providing children with a small reward and a chance to win a free bicycle.  We also participate in the “Bike to School Event” each year where multiple agency’s bike patrol units escort children to school in an impressive parade of bicycles.

Our Bike Patrol Unit is staffed by Officer John Zippay, Sergeant Eric Kimball, Officer Alan Frantz, and Officer James Levine.